Acquisitions and Investments

Burton-Katzman, with its professional and knowledgeable executives and staff members, is building upon a family legacy that began in 1912.

Since the mid 1960’s, the company has constructed more than 5.5 million square feet of commercial, retail and industrial space, hundreds of multifamily units, and developed thousands of acres of land for industrial, warehouse, high-tech and office real estate in Southeast Michigan.

More recently, Burton-Katzman continues this growth trend through a focus on the acquisition, development and construction of light industrial properties throughout the Midwest and beyond.

Build-To-Suit Initiative
Burton-Katzman offers complete built-to-suit services and opportunities for industrial, warehouse, flex and distribution facilities on fully developed sites currently owned by Burton-Katzman and entitled for speculative construction, or on a site you control.

Up to 1 million square feet of build-to-suit space customized to your specifications. Available Burton-Katzman sites are located throughout Southeast Michigan.

Burton Katzman Real Estate
Burton Katzman Real Estate

Burton-Katzman is very active in the real estate investment marketplace and has a long track record of successful transactions. Our in-house team of experts quickly respond during negotiations and underwrite the opportunities while our due diligence team expedites the necessary property investigations and facilitate a smooth closing. Burton-Katzman is always seeking opportunities to acquire qualified properties with the following transaction characteristics:

Net Lease & Sales Leaseback Initiative, Upper Midwest Region
Typically seeking building sizes of 50,000 square feet and up, valued between $2M-$50M, with an all-in acquisition cap rate of +/-9%. All lease terms are considered on a case-by-case basis, pricing is contingent upon deal terms.

Value Added Initiative in Michigan
For vacant assets, seeking a cap rate of +/- 10% based on conservative market rates. For leased assets, terms depend on tenant credit. Typical building sizes sought: 50,000 square feet and up with a deal value of $3.5-$50M.