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Burton Katzman
Burton Katzman

Looking Toward the Future

Burton-Katzman has evolved in many ways since Barnett Burton and his wife Fanny reached America from their homeland in Russia at the start of the 20th century. After settling in Detroit, Barnett established the family business in 1912 by building two-story flats with storefronts he leased to retail pioneers like F.W. Woolworth & Co.

Brothers-in-law Lester Burton and Sydney Katzman joined Barnett after the Great Depression to build thousands of houses throughout Suburban Detroit. Their shared innovative spirit became of the driving force behind Burton-Katzman’s long history of firsts as they ultimately expanded their base to include the development and construction of major commercial, industrial and master planned communities.

In the 1980s, cousins Peter Burton and Robert Katzman joined the family business and assembled a diverse team of innovative real estate professionals who have continued to enhance the future and to drive change in the real estate industry for nearly four more decades.

Fully Integrated

What We Do

With the benefit of three generations of experience in the real estate industry, and a dedicated team of experts in our industry, we find unique and attractive real estate acquisition and development opportunities for our investors and ourselves.

Continuum of Expertise

Burton-Katzman is a fully integrated real estate company with a depth of knowledge and expertise in property acquisition, planning and development, project and construction management, strategic planning, property and asset management, and real estate finance.

Excellence in Execution

At Burton-Katzman, excellence is the norm; there is no room for mediocrity. Guided by a strong commitment to the highest standards, team members strive to surpass expectations, outperform the competition and transform possibilities into creative solutions.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Today, Peter Burton and Robert Katzman are continuing to maintain a work environment where the best talent in the real estate industry are encouraged to locate outstanding opportunities using insightful market knowledge, creative solutions and innovation.

Outstanding Team

The Burton-Katzman team possesses the skills and resources necessary to manage projects of any scope from beginning to end and are the driving force behind Burton-Katzman’s ability to exceed expectations.

Results Driven

Burton-Katzman’s culture centers around collaboration, open communication and respect for team members, investment partners, tenants and residents. The company’s specialized team of professionals includes all the diverse disciplines required to achieve optimal results. Above all, the Burton-Katzman team understands that innovative, cross-disciplinary thinking is necessary to achieve great things.

Burton Katzman Real Estate

Strong Relationships

Spanning over 100 years of history in the real estate industry, Burton-Katzman has always focused on creating meaningful long-term relationships with its investment partners, lenders, tenants, residents, communities and all those who contribute to the creation and execution of the company’s award-winning properties.