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Portfolio Residential

Residential The use of leading community planners and designers means that the families who reside in Burton-Katzman communities immediately recognize and enjoy the quality lifestyle and amenities, which have been designed into their new home’s location. Burton-Katzman’s approach to the residential development process is the result of combining the talents and expertise of [...]

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Portfolio Multi-Family

Multi-Family Burton-Katzman understands that creating a superior living experience for apartment residents requires a commitment to quality in every aspect of its operations - from choosing premier locations and using innovative design to providing resort-style amenities accompanied by unparalleled resident services. With decades of experience, Burton-Katzman’s multi-family properties have set the industry standard [...]

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Portfolio Retail

Retail Burton-Katzman’s retail developments begin with selecting outstanding locations. Detailed demographic and traffic studies support the final acquisition decision and help focus the design development process. Each retail center is carefully planned to create a pedestrian-friendly and attractive environment, which encourages a sense of community. The design balances superior architectural elements with high-efficiency [...]

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Portfolio Commercial

Commercial Burton-Katzman has made its mark on southeastern Michigan’s business community with the development of many multi-million dollar commercial complexes, including one of the state’s first true office parks. The company is recognized for its ability to create successful designs and to construct with cost-effective, high-quality methods. Efficiency and maximum value are apparent [...]

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Conrad M. Schewe

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Joseph G. Pica

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