Land Development

Burton-Katzman understands that successful development demands a collaborative planning process to achieve innovative designs and quality projects that make sense for the company and benefit the community. The company’s approach extends far beyond the typical development process to include expert land use, public policy and political and community outreach strategies, which are often critical to success in today’s real estate development environment. Burton-Katzman also fosters strong working relationships and enjoys credibility and trust with municipal professional staff, elected officials, opinion makers and stakeholders in every market in which it operates.

Carefully working to preserve and enhance the natural quality of the area, Burton-Katzman has designed and built some of Southeastern Michigan's most desirable residential and commercial properties. From site selection to in-depth planning and site analysis, the company takes a responsible approach to land stewardship and development while creating financially sound and economically viable properties.

Burton-Katzman has a proven record of successfully developing the most challenging and problematic sites, including flood plains, severe slopes, heavily wooded areas and wetlands, often incorporating these natural features into beautiful and distinctive designs.

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