Burton-Katzman is unique in that all the professionals needed to collaborate on complex projects, including mixed-use, are under one roof. The entire team is able to concentrate on total project execution instead of having to establish unnecessary third-party agreements that do not always align interests. Every decision is approached by asking what enhances the entire project, not what is good for one asset class at the expense of another. Without separate owners and developers pursuing their own agendas, Burton-Katzman is equipped to deliver an integrated, cohesive project. The Burton-Katzman team also works hand-in-hand with local municipalities and area residents to create places that provide a public benefit not only to its residents but also to the larger community. The Burton-Katzman team has extensive experience in both in-fill urban redevelopment and new mixed- or multi-use town centers in suburban locations. Above all, Burton-Katzman professionals are looking toward a bright future where different development components seamlessly meet for a diverse sustainable and walkable environment with a charming sense of community.

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